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What We Offer

Microblading tools for PhiAcademy trained and certified experts based in Barrie, ON
A women getting her eyebrows microbladed at Brow House Barrie


A consultation is always carried out at your appointment before we get started to ensure the proper technique for you along with your brow goals.


20 mins   $25

If you have any general concerns or questions, you can book a virtual consultation prior to booking an appointment. 

Pricing does not include corrections over previous permanent makeup. See below.

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For payment by etransfer, please contact by email


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an upcoming session


Permanent Makeup cannot be performed on individuals who are pregnant/breastfeeding, are undergoing chemotherapy treatment, or have hemophilia. If you have a medical condition or are on daily medication, please complete eligibility form
Have you had previous brow permanent makeup? Please send an email with a clear pic of your brows with no makeup to confirm eligibility & pricing


Brow House Barrie offers Microblading and Power Brows by experts trained and certified by PhiAcademy

What is it?

PhiAcademy offers one of the most intensive programs for permanent makeup which includes workshops and a 6 month rigorous training course that requires the student/artist to complete different levels of mastery. Phi Masters (trainers) require a high standard of quality from their students. As a result of the PhiAcademy program, Phi Artists produce some of the highest quality work in the field.

PHI aka the Golden Ratio (1:1.618) is present in the most visually appealing objects in life and our eyes are naturally attracted to them. When mapping eyebrows for treatment, Phi Artists use a compass that measures the Golden Ratio of the eyebrows according to each individual face. Stencils are never used. The outcome is perfectly proportioned eyebrows for each client's face.

I'm so glad that I went to see Lidia as she was able to give my eyebrows the lift that they needed. I didn't realize how much of an impact my eyebrows could make on my overall expression and appearance. I now walk more confident, and I get compliments everywhere I go. Also, I was very impressed with her technique and meticulousness. Very clean space as well! Thank you Lidia!


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