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You just got your dream brows... now what?

You're excited with your new brows right? Great! Just remember to not touch the area with your hands to avoid bacteria and possible infection.


Day 1: 30 minutes after treatment, wet a cotton pad with distilled water and gently dab brows, then apply a "rice grain" amount of the balm provided with a q-tip. Repeat again before bed. The "rice grain" amount size is for BOTH brows - do not saturate brows with balm. For oily skin, only apply the balm minimally, as needed. Only use UP TO half of the balm provided during this healing session, you will use the other half for your touch up session.


Days 2-4: Mornings and nights wet a cotton pad with distilled water and gently dab brows and follow with the balm. If you have oily skin, you can skip the balm or reduce to once per day


Day 5 until healed: Do not wet brows going forward. You can continue using the balm as needed to avoid dryness, but use minimally. The balm can also help with itching. If the area is itchy, you may tap your brows gently for relief but avoid all scratching and peeling.

Quick Tip for Longer Lasting Brows: Once your beautiful brows are completely healed, make sure to protect them by applying sunscreen and avoiding active acids on them!

Retention: Pigment retention including intensity and colour tone is specific to each person and can vary depending on after care compliance, skin type, hormones, metabolism, medication, medical conditions, lifestyle, and other factors. Some people may require additional or more frequent touch ups than others. 

DOs and DON'Ts


  • Sleep on your back

  • Use a clean pillowcase

  • Be gentle and remember to pat dry only

  • Rest and Relax!

*If you become concerned about a possible infection, seek medical attention


  • Do not touch, peel, rub, or scratch

  • Avoid direct water

  • Avoid hair removal or tinting

  • Avoid direct sunlight and tanning for 2 weeks

  • Avoid makeup until healed (7-14 days)

  • Do not use skincare with active ingredients/acids

  • No excessive exercising (sweating) for 1 week/No hot yoga

  • No facial Botox, laser, or peels for 4 weeks

  • No swim, sauna, heat until healed

  • Do not drink alcohol in excess.

Understanding the Healing Process

Temporary fading is a natural part of the healing journey as your skin regenerates. Resist the urge to pick at any scabs or flakes that may form, as this can disrupt the healing and pigment retention. Patience is key during this time as your brows will evolve into their final look. Trust the process, and remember, your touch-up appointment will address any faded areas, ensuring your brows remain flawless for longer.

Aftercare note card outlining the healing process for microblading services from Brow House Barrie
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