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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is PhiBrows?
    PhiBrows is a type of microblading for which the artist has trained with PhiAcademy. PHI aka the Golden Ratio (1:1.618) is present in the most visually appealing objects in life and our eyes are naturally attracted to them. When mapping eyebrows for treatment, Phi artists use a compass which measures the Golden Ratio of the eyebrows according to each individual face. Stencils are never used. The outcome is perfectly proportioned eyebrows for each individual face.
  • What is the difference between Microblading, Powder Brows, and Combo Brows?
    Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique where pigment is inserted into the skin with a hand tool one hair stroke at a time resulting in natural looking brows. Powder Brows is a semi-permanent makeup technique where pigment is shaded into the skin using a hand held machine resulting in bold, dramatic brows resembling a soft powdered makeup look. ​ Combo Brows is a combination of microblading and powder brows. There are microblading hair-like strokes from the beginning to the middle of the brow to give the brow a natural look, which then transitions to a powdered effect to the body and tail of the brow to give the brow more fullness and density.
  • How do I prepare for my appointment?
    Check out our pre-care instructions to prep for your new brows!
  • How long do the results last?
    Brow permanent makeup can last around 12-36 months depending on the individual. Much depends on the person's skin type, hormones, metabolism and lifestyle. It typically lasts longer on individuals with normal to dry skin as opposed to those with oily skin. To keep your brows looking their best, an annual touchup is recommended for those with oily skin and a 1-2 year touch up is usually recommended for those with normal to dry skin.
  • How do I take care of my brows post-treatment?
    Check out our after-care instructions to care for your new brows!
  • Can I get Botox?
    It is recommended to wait at least 2 weeks after Botox for the microblading appointment and 4 weeks after microblading before getting Botox.
  • Can I still get my brows done if I have a medical condition?
    In order to assess, please complete the following form and we will get back to you:!
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    A 72 hour (3 days) notice is required for a cancellation. If we do not receive a 72 hour notice, if you arrive late to your appointment, or you do not show up, the deposit is forfeited.
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